Getting Started
Our club, Hearing Education Advocacy Research Support (HEARS) has restarted but the Omicron variant prevented our first, formative meeting. Regardless, we need to discuss how to support our club. Hence, this article describes how we need to organize and asks you to contribute. Please forward your comments or volunteer for roles at

I think these are the steps to starting a club:
1. Define Mission
2. Create Strategies
3. Define Roles
4. Fill roles
Mission: We are lucky because John Taylor left us with a mission, “Help Oakmont Residents cope with increasing and bothersome issue of hearing loss.” Do we agree and want to confirm it, or do we want to modify?

Strategies: Again, we are lucky because we have these strategies that John Taylor left us:
• Conduct informational meetings on hearing issues and state-of-the-art equipment.
• Publish articles on hearing related issues in the Oakmont News.
• Distribute information on hearing issues.
• Help Oakmont meeting and activity leaders to achieve healthy hearing environments, e.g., Captions.
• Advocate for improved OVA facilities and services including audio systems, room acoustics, and arrangements.
Do we agree and want to confirm them, or do we want to modify them?

Roles: To be an effective club, we need people to fill the following roles:
• Leader
• Speakers
• Membership
• Campaigns
• Funds

Leader Responsibilities:
• Success of the club
• Initiate and direct activities that fulfill mission
• Fulfill roles that are not filled
For now, I am volunteering to fulfill these Leadership responsibilities. When appropriate, we should confirm me or find another person to serve as Leader. Please forward your comments or volunteer for roles at

Speaker Responsibilities:
• Schedule hearing-related experts to address specific subject. Submit communications to publicize speakers
• Initiate relationships with hearing-related companies.
• Maintain relationships with hearing-related companies.
Obviously, the Speakers Responsibility is a critical role.

Membership Responsibility:
• Maintain Mailchimp list of contact. Use other technologies, as needed, to maintain contacts.
• Encourage membership participation. Suggest techniques to reach out to members and encourage potential new members.
• Deliver communication to members. Document and communicate activities.
This is position ideally will be filled by someone who is somewhat versatile with Mail, and/or Mailchimp, and possibly Excel.

Campaigns Responsibility:
• Maintain understanding of member needs. Suggest programs.
• Evaluate success of campaigns. Suggest new/ improved campaigns.
• Prepare campaign communications.
This position will be filled by someone who is somewhat creative.

Funds Responsibility:
• Serve as recipient for contributions. Pay club expenses.
• Evaluate club financial needs.
• Communicate funds dispersal.
This person might be called the Treasurer.

Roles: Please forward your comments or volunteer for roles at


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