Summer excuses can be harmful to your health. Read on:

“It’s too darn hot (to exercise)!”
“During July, I stay indoors, unless I go to a pool-side BBQ.”
“Dog days of summer are not fit for human beings.”

These comments are reasons to take another look at hot weather exercise. Wednesdays with JoRene respect the heat of summer and offer modified-for-the-heat exercise routines. OHI has the best of both, summertime and professionally led exercise routines, heat and age appropriate! Plus, there’s zoom: 967 9942 2442 passcode 573596

The sessions are fun! And stimulating. And challenging. But necessary.

Exercise is important to:

keep metabolism healthy (active bodies burn more calories;)

avoid obesity and diseases connected with being overweight (an exercise class, at it’s worst, gets you away from the kitchen;)

keep muscles and bones strong;

keep joints flexible (stretch;)

maintain a positive mental attitude (reinforces self-image;)

reduce stress (activates endorphins;)

avoid mood swings (“just start moving physically and notice your mood swing toward positive;)

help to control chronic ailments;

contribute to a good night’s sleep.

Attend the OHI group exercise classes, and you’ll discover another plus of exercise: camaraderie.

If exercise is a must for healthy living, make it fun, come to class.

And now, wise word of caution: Before you commit to an aerobic program, know that all exercise is not equal. You may consider checking with your health care provider if you’ve not exercised for a while. It’s best to begin an exercise program at a level that challenges but doesn’t exhaust. Be kind to yourself.

A final P.S. 1) OHI continues for negotiations to be settled for another instructor for Monday and Friday classes. Watch for updates in your emails. 2) Don’t waste water during the drought, drink it. Don’t forget to drink plenty during this summertime heat!


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