Hello Beloved Community (2/15/2019)

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By time you read this, Pastor Brinda and Lee will be heading back from a 12-day trip to Israel. We are all excited to hear about their wonderful adventure. In light of the trip, Pastor Brinda is putting together an “Armchair Travel” event with slides and history of Israel. Join us for this informative and inspiring…

“Taste of Israel, March 23rd from 2-4 pm at the West Rec.

The CAC has been the home of the OCC for 5 and a half months now. It has taken a lot of work setting up and tearing down each week, but because of the wonderful volunteers working tirlessly each week, the time has breezed by. I especially want to thank Greg. As a board member, he promised to help set up each week and although he is no longer on the board, he has faithfully showed up every week to help. I would also like to thank all those who enjoy the Library, Art room and Card room for your patience during these months in which unfortantely, you have been inconvienced by our presence. We have been bless because of your sacrifice. May God bless you all.

OCC is gearing uo for a 31-week series entitled “The Story.” Books for this series are on available for order. We also have a few books available for purchase today. The New books are $13.00 and used books are $5.00. We encourge everyone to get a book as we walk through God’s Story together. The Story is a easy way to read from Genesis to Revelation. The Bible as not just a collection of unconnected books but one continuous story. Whether you are a member of the church or not, we invite you to join us as we walk through God’s story. The Story begins March 10th.

Oakmont Community Church – 50 Years of Service

We are here for you…

Sunday Worship Services at the Central Activity Center at 10:30 AM.

Sunday Worship Service for the Gardens Residents at 1:00 PM

On the horizon…

February 24th – Guest Speaker

March 3rd – Guest Speaker

March 10th – The Story, chapter 1: Creation, the Beginning of Life

March 17th – The Story, chapter 2: God Builds a Nation

March 24th – The Story, chapter 3: Joseph: From Slavery to Deputy Pharaoh

April 7th – The Story, chapter 4: Deliverance

April 14th – Palm Sunday Service

April 21st – Easter Sunday Service

Tuesday Bible Study at the Gardens at 1:30 PM – Teaching on the Book of Revelation

Wednesday Bible Study currently at the OVA office suite B at 10:30 AM – Teaching on Acts.

PLEASE NOTE: The Wednesday study is scheduled to move back to the Manse at 6687 Oakmont Dr. by March. Visit of Updated Website: occsantarosa.org – Need Prayer: Pastor Brinda 707-595-0166