Help Oakmont form an Oakmont Channel on YouTube

Several of us are interested in forming a group (club) to create a YouTube channel for Oakmont.
This may be the best way to get residents who do not have technical skills to access what’s happening in Oakmont. The Oakmont Channel on YouTube can be accessed by virtually any TV.

This will involve several subgroups:
Technical – to set up and run the channel
Resident assistance – to help residents set up YouTube on their home TV
Content – to recommend and manage content
Content creation – to actually create new content

This won’t happen without a big effort, so we’re going to need a lot of volunteers.

If you’re interested, email


Successful Shred-A-Thon

Another smooth, successful Shred-A-Thon. Thank you for your donations for college scholarships to Montgomery and Maria Carrillo students.

Ch – Ch -Changes

•John Brodey Well, it’s that time of year again as we get ready for a changing of the guard at the VOM Rotary Club. The

Water Aerobics

It’s finally summer and both the air and the water are warm so we hope you will join us at the West pool for some

Square Dancing 101

Square dancing has changed a lot from the days of the early settlers in the American west,
and it’s changed a lot since you learned it in school.

New Hours – 6AM – 9PM

When the Central Activities Center (CAC) is open, the library is open from 6AM to 9PM 7 days a week. You will need your OVA badge to enter both the building and the library – if you haven’t reactivated it, contact the OVA office.