How To Get Your QR Code Vaccination Record

To get the readable QR code, go to  You will need to know the cell phone number associated with your vaccination account.

To get a reader so you can be sure the information is correct, go to

Quite a number of people who have tried this have discovered that their information is not correct in the database or that their information isn’t found at all.  If that’s the case, you need to contact the organization that gave you the shot and they need to correct the database. Please visit this page for more information:

Are you looking for the app for checking digital vaccine QR code records?

The current app that OVA is advising clubs to use for checking digital vaccine records is the SMART Health Verifier app. It’s available on iOS (Apple) and Android (Google/Samsung) phones and tablets. We will have a video posted soon on usage, but for now you may find the links to the app on the App Store and on Google Play.

App Store (iOS / Apple)

Google Play (Android / Google / Samsung)


5-17-2022 Board Meeting Video

This Board meeting, held on May 17, included the approval of OVA’s new Jewish Interest Group, reports from 4 committees, and an update on our pool use policy and pool rules.

Dances from Asia and The Pacific Islands

Performances from Hula Mai, Redwood Country Cloggers, and Oakmont Dancing Divas. Free community event. Will follow COVID protocols in place. Funding provided by the Oakmont Community Foundation.