How’s Your Fitness Center Etiquette?

Janice Weekes

1. Acceptable footwear in the Fitness Center is
a. Street shoes
b. Hiking boots
c. Flip flops
d. None of the above

2. You should wipe down the equipment with antibacterial wipes
a. If you sweat a lot
b. If you use lotion on your hands
c. If the personal trainer is around
d. Before and after using each machine

3. Beverages allowed in the Fitness Center are
a. Anything in a closed container
b. Performance drinks
c. Coffee or tea in to-go cups
d. Water, only water

4. Wearing a mask in the Fitness Center is mandatory. The mask is only effective if it
a. Goes over your nose
b. Goes over your mouth
c. Stays on the whole time you are in the Fitness Center
d. All of the above

5. Cell phones are allowed in the Fitness Center
a. If the ringer is a catchy tune
b. If your conversation is one-sided
c. If you are on a cardio machine
d. If the phone is turned off or set to “vibrate”

6. Tote bags, handbags, umbrellas, and computer bags should be
a. Carried with you as you move from machine to machine
b. Left in one spot in the workout area where you can keep an eye on it
c. Left in your car in full view of anyone passing by
d. Stored in a locker in the locker room

If you answered anything but “D” on any of the questions, you need to brush up on your Fitness Center Etiquette. Check the blue brochure for other Fitness Center Guidelines.


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