Marisol Muñoz-Kiehne, PhD

[Intention- a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future… involves activities such as planning and forethought.]

Our recent article on aspirations logically takes us to reflection on intentions. In an intentional chain, aspirations lead to intentions, which lead to actions, which lead to outcomes.

At the July 20th meeting, members of Oakmont’s Standing for Justice club discussed our individual motivations and our intentions as a group, and we drafted a working mission statement.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Standing for Justice club is to advocate for and advance racial justice via education, dialogue, and civic action. We are committed to learning, engaging in open dialogue and debate, and supporting efforts promoting justice and the non-violent eradication of attitudes, actions, and policies that perpetuate systemic racism and oppression. We work to promote equity and justice in our daily words and actions.

Under the umbrella of racial justice we include economic, environmental, and criminal justice, voting rights, the intersectionality of oppressions, and equity in the arenas of housing, health care, child and elder care, education, and labor.

In line Intentions

We pose the following intentions as aligned with our aspirations:

To stand open when facing fear, fury, rage, hate, hurt.

To stand-up. To show-up. To speak-up.
To say “Here!” To say and do what is here to be said and done.

To listen towards understanding. To seek and search towards finding.

To garner enough wisdom and courage to give, to take, to say “go,” “no” and “enough.”

To stop what harms and hurts. To start what heals and helps.

To be prudent and clear-minded, kind and warm-hearted, fair and even-handed.

To act with reason charged with comprehension.
To work with effort and determination.
To walk with grace, with grit, with passion.
To keep our hearts fueled with compassion.

To remain receptive, resistant, resilient, and respond. To remain more receptive than reactive when responding.

To respond with
lucidity in the face of obfuscation.
equanimity in the face of frustration.
courage in the face of depredation.
integrity in the face of temptation.
hope in the face of desperation.

Yes, and…

Intentions can help represent our motivations and define our directions. But, as New Year resolutions show and aphorisms declare, ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions,’ ‘hell is full of good meanings, but heaven is full of good works.’

We must discern when, where and how to manifest our intentions. We should check that our intentions are leading to our intended impact/outcomes. We shall strive for coherence and congruence in our aspirations, attitudes, actions and activities. We will work and stand for acts, statutes, laws, policies and practices that promote the common good and reflect justice as one of the highest of human aspirations. Such is a Standing for Justice club’s intention.

Do you have and hold similar intentions? Contact Oakmont Standing for Justice club facilitators Kathie Weston & Robin Jurs (, to unite with us in education, dialogue and civic action.


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