2019 Women's Pairs Tournament
2019 Women's Pairs Tournament

By Mary Blake

Have you been wondering what people are doing on the bowling green? As Sonoma County re-opens, we’re going to be able to start giving lessons. Lawn bowling is an easy way to get some gentle exercise with a view of Hood Mountain in the background. Almost anyone can play it. Your task on the team is determined by your experience so you can play competitively without being an expert. And I think we’re a pretty nice bunch of people. Watch this space for more news or check out our website: We’d love to introduce you to a great sport.

It’s not often that I guess right, but I want to point out that I was right that we’d be in the orange tier by the time the last article came out! That’s a whole new ballgame for us. But as I write this, the details have yet to be ironed out. I’m specifying roughly where things stand in this article, but we’ll probably have already sent out an eblast with more specifics.
We’ve been so lucky that Marilyn Garland, currently our president emeritus, agreed to join the Oakmont Opening Committee. That means she can keep us up-to-date as decisions are being made. Here’s the full scoop as of the time I’m writing this article (April 12th).

What we can do:
1. We can now train new bowlers.
2. We can have our Bowls Room open.
3. We can have competitions.

What we can’t do:
1. We cannot share food. So, we can’t yet have food at a Demo Day or have a potluck at an After Five.
2. If we have an event like an After 5, we can’t have more than 50 people and masks must be worn.

The next step:
It is possible things will open even more by June 15. Of course, we’re talking about something that’s happening around the world as well as here in Oakmont, so any date is just a guess. Still, I’m putting that one on my calendar – in pencil.

About this time last year, our women began a pairs tournament that could well have been the longest in OLBC history, interrupted by a serious accident, an illness, a trip to the fjords, and someone having the audacity to leave Oakmont.

2019 Women’s Pairs: Pam, Marilyn, Janet and Jeannette

2019 Women’s Pairs: Denise and Sue


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