Let’s Dance Together 9/15/2018

Introduction To Salsa

  • Terry Whitten

WHAT: Beginning Salsa Partner Dance Classes
WHEN: Wednesdays October 3 & 10
TIME: 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm
WHERE: Lower West Rec
COST: $9 pp for single class; $14 pp for both classes

In October, come join the fun and learn the basic steps of the lively and “spicy” Salsa. The most basic Salsa steps are relatively easy and the music is upbeat.

Salsa is a Latin dance similar to Mambo and thought to have Cuban origins. It also has been influenced by dances from other Caribbean countries. It is danced to faster music than Rumba. Both Salsa and Mambo music were made popular in the United States in the 1940’s and 1950’s by artists such as Tito Puente and Celia Cruz. More contemporary artists who have had popular songs that can be danced with Salsa are Gloria Estefan and Ricky Martin. A Salsa can even be done to Despacito which was last year’s big hit of the summer by Louis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber.

As before, no partners or experience are required. We will rotate partners during the classes. If you have a partner, that’s great but not necessary. I would also like to invite any ladies who are interested in leading to come and learn how to lead some basic steps. Likewise, we welcome any men who would like to learn to follow. Also, aside from being fun and a great way to get exercise, a number of studies have shown that partner dancing on a regular basis may reduce the possibility of cognitive decline and may actually increase mental acuity. It is definitely good for our brains, muscles, balance and spirit!

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you have any suggestions for dances you would like to see taught in Oakmont in the future. You can email me (Terry Whitten) at twhitten@pacbell.net or call me at (415) 265-7590 (cell.) I hope to see you on the dance floor!