3 Iris Harrell


I have lived in Oakmont since December 2015. In March 2016 I was drafted by the OVA General Manager to lead a newly formed Building Committee. Many major construction upgrades on Oakmont facilities required expertise, focus and time commitment beyond the job of the OVA General Manager and Facilities Manager. I was chosen because of my 30 years as

a general contractor, builder and designer of my own 40-employee design/build company.

Under my leadership, the Building Committee has managed the design, permits and construction of the OVA pickleball courts, the East Rec renovation, the dog park, CAC emergency generators, the Berger Refresh and the West Rec renovation, still in process.

In 2019 after 2 local major wildfires, OVA President Steve Spanier asked me to chair a reconstituted Oakmont Firewise Committee with the help of Board Liaison Marianne Neufeld.

Marianne and I have worked tirelessly with its committee members & volunteer assessors, who are trained by Firesafe Sonoma. Under our leadership, our committee has completed 900+ free assessments for Oakmont residents who have requested them. Our focus has been making Oakmont properties insurable and safer through on-site education and multiple workshops.

My prior careers of contracting, teaching, working in non-profits and serving on various other Boards, have given me insight into the proper role of our OVA Board and the importance of good leadership. Good leaders listen, collaborate and act in the best interest of the entire community.

  • I love Oakmont and I am still in my highly energetic years.
  • I believe I can make a difference in whatever issues we may face.
  • I am passionate about our community’s safety.
  • I believe we should continue to improve our facilities to meet ADA standards and timeless aesthetics. These improvements should accommodate the activities and interests of all Oakmont residents, current and future.


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