John Brodey

There is no question that after a year of COVID we all began to feel that we were closer to the end than the beginning, but for me it took getting my second shot to feel a genuine sense of elation and optimism. There has certainly been plenty of inspiration along the way as so many stories emerged about people reaching out to help one another. Even more astounding are the efforts by people who themselves are hurting to help those even less fortunate. It says a lot about who we are as a society. The level of generosity has been profound.

Through it all, the Valley of the Moon Rotary has maintained its lines of support with the various organization and non-profits who count on us year in and year out. Our sole fundraising vehicle has always been our stellar Crab Feed. We just got last year’s Feed in under the wire on Feb. 29th, days before the country shut down. Fortunately, since each Crab Feed funds the following year’s donation commitments it hasn’t impacted our club’s giving for this year, but the cancellation of this years Crab Feed has put us in an awkward position for 2022. We have heard updates from our partners about their struggles to meet the needs of their clients and not only are the individual’s difficulties more acute but the organizations are maxed out as a result.

So, just as they have gone all out to meet the needs of their clients, we are equally dedicated to not retreating from the financial support we have pledged to provide them going forward.
Our first step was to send out a simple letter to our many friends, neighbors and donors who have been there for us at the Crab Feed year in and out. In it we asked for donations of any amount to be made to the VOM Rotary. We explain our desire to increase our annual grant to the Redwood Empire Food Bank, supporting Catholic Charities mental health initiatives, help Social Advocates for Youth continue their much-needed work assisting homeless youth and many more worthy causes. You can find a complete list of those agencies with whom we work on our website at, We are happy to report that our initial letter outreach has been met with an encouraging response and we are half-way to our fundraising goal for next year. We hope that despite all the sacrifices so many have made, we can count on other members of the Oakmont community to step forward and help push us closer for a cause that unites us. We appreciate your consideration and whatever contribution you are able to make. You can make checks out to the
VOM Rotary Foundation and mail them to:
The VOM Rotary Foundation
Attn: Karen Sites
6520 Oakmont Dr.
Santa Rosa, CA. 95409
As always all of us at the VOM Rotary can’t thank you enough for making it all possible as we continue to make a difference here in Oakmont and in Sonoma County.


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