Is The Fitness Center For Everyone?

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Regular exercise is proven to be beneficial for most people,  however, about only 1 out of 4 after the age of 65 exercise at least 3 times a week.Benefits include increased strength, prevents bone loss, improves balance, elevates mood, aids memory and eases a multitude of symptoms of many chronic diseases.  A lot of conditions associated with aging are rather symptoms of inactivity, not age.  The earlier you start, the more benefits obtained, but it is NEVER TOO LATE TO START.  Twenty minutes a day of exercise, which involves activities causing breathing harder than normal is needed.  Doing this will help maintain your independence  and less likely to need assistance.
Recently, I met Dr. Jerry Foster, age 94 and a retired physician, at the Fitness Center.  His presence is inspiring because he comes to the gym EVERYDAY.  He uses various equipment and you cannot help but notice that he has numerous friends that look forward to seeing him.  Going to the Fitness Center has more benefits than just better health.  See you at the gym.
The Spring member  appreciation picnic is Saturday, June 8, from noon to 2 pm.  Sign up forms are located inside the Fitness Center or complete this form.  Return the forms to the Fitness Center or the OVA office.  There are a limited number of spaces for this enjoyable event at the West Rec Center.  Complimentary to members and $15 fee payable at the picnic for non-members.  The deadline is June 1.  Do not miss out.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Names Phone #Members             Yes/No