Jazz Club 1-1-20

Oakmont Variety Show

The Oakmont Jazz Club ls presenting a Variety Show. It will be given by Oakmont residents who are talented in an art form. This includes musicians, singers, dancers, magicians, comics, etc.. The show will be held in the Berger Center, and will be free of charge. The entertainers will not be paid, but are contributing this entertainment for all residents to enjoy. Many of us realize how many talented persons live in Oakmont. We will be a most fortunate audience. If you are one of these talented persons, please join us, on stage, and contribute to this special program. You do not need to be a super star, just a fairly good artist. For those of us who do not possess the talent, it is a joy to hear those who do.To enjoy the program as a participant, please fill out the appropriate coupon below. You will be contacted.To attend and be a member of the audience, please fill out the coupon so designated. The Variety Show will be January 16th, Berger Auditorium, 2:00 PM. 6633 Oakmont Drive. It is free of charge.

Please Note: The December Oakmont Newspaper reported that the Variety Program would be TABLE SEATING. It will be THEATER SEATING, food and drinks will not be permitted.


What’s Happening in Sonoma Valley

Please mark your calendar for 11/10/20 at 11:00 am. to hear a super presentation on “What’s Happening in Sonoma Valley”   Our speaker is Keith Woods,

How to Choose a Ukulele

Tuesday, Nov. 10, 1 pm Want to learn to play the ukulele but don’t have one? Thinking of buying one as a Christmas present? Wondering