Jazz Club (3/15/2019)

Dolora DeGeer Hurst

The member presenting our last club meeting was Mike Murphy, who featured saxophonist Art Pepper, playing with the Dave Brubeck Trio, as well as Paul Desmond, and Bill Evans, in his thrilling prime period.

Having a synopsis of the artists lives, before listening to their exceptional interpretations, enriches the experience of the music tremendously. Now that we are set up with a large size screen, and can bring in our own speakers, we are able to truly enjoy memorable performances of the past.

They almost seem more enjoyable than attending the actual performance because of the photography, allowing you to feel like an insect on a shoulder perch, experiencing the intensity and sensation the musician is feeling. You can also observe the incredible finger technology as you might if standing in front of the instrument. Also, it seems these days of unbelievable technology, that the smaller the speaker the more remarkable the sound. It all constitutes for grand enjoyment of the jazz music we so

For our April meeting, member Tom Murray will present the second half of a master class on jazz saxophonist Gerry Mulligan. (The first half was presented at our February meeting). Meetings are always the first Friday of the Month. For the Month of April the date is Friday the 5th, 2:00PM, in the Central Activity Center, 310 White Oak Drive, Room B. You are welcome to join us.


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