Kevin Bubriski – Confessions of a Bookmaker: Fifty Years as a Photographer

Oakmont Symposium: In this new world of smart phones, social media and Instagram, we are relearning our relationship to photography and visual imagery as we publicly document, curate and present our persona lives and stories.  Reflecting on his five decades of highly acclaimed work, Kevin talks about bringing his photographs into published book form and the photographic practices he has employed globally and throughout Nepal, South Asia, and Tibet. Presented March 6, 2022


10-4-2022: Town Hall: 2030 – What’s Next?

Come hear what was learned from this summer’s community conversations and learn about how to be a part of the working groups that will move this process forward. You must login to view this page.

The Gin Game

Have you ever viewed an Oakmont Playreaders meeting? Check out this week’s video for a reading from The Gin Game, and watch them live at their meetings coming up this September.