Lap Swim (12/15/2018)

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Good to the Last Lap !
First the smoke, then the cleansing rain and still the cooler water temps at the Central Pool. At today’s deadline (Dec. 1st) the final approval for a new heater is still waiting. So more patience is needed. There have been sights of  a few Polar Bears who love the feel of Lake Michigan for their swims. Hang in there, folks.  In case you’re of a different persuasion,  there is the 86* West Pool which is opening at 6:30 am during this situation.
Flip Turn News:
If you’re a year round lap swimmer in all types of weather, join our web site. No dues nor parties. As independent swimmers, our site gives a connection if/when a pool   issue arises. Send your name and info to and the invite will arrive. Fill out your details, password, and remember its name and sign in each visit.
Happy lapping!
Melissa Bowers


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