Lap Swim Club (3/15/2019)

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Good to the Last Lap!
Halfway through the Lion and the Lamb month and one more week to Spring! Wetter than who weeks hopefully over…. Excitement is building on the East Rec reopening and the pool level to follow. Please, pray!
Also, right now we are down to ONE POOL with the west heater out. Water fitness classes temporarily at the Central so your kindness and patience need continue.

Green Alert ! We have invaders hopping and swimming with us. Yep, the croakers are back and need our help getting out. Thanks, Arleen for providing your net. And if you miss her, your gentle hands work too.  You’ll certainly want to kiss each one to see if a true frog or a Prince!

Flip Turn News
Join this group of independent lap swimmers. It has no set group activities, just a web site in case of serious pool issues. Send name, email and the invite will arrive.
Happy lapping!
Melissa Bowers