Lap Swim Club (4/1/2019)

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Good to the Last Lap!
Since August 27th we faithful, dedicated, East Pool lap swimmers have immigrated offshore to the Central and West pools,; and some folks even bought memberships off campus!  And what a never-ending winter we’ve had! A big thank you to the “resident” lap swimmers at these other pools. 
As humans, we take ownership in our real estate and the same goes for the pools and even at times the lanes!  Yet they were very kind in accepting us and working out schedule times so we all could fit. Again, a huge thank you.
(But I’ll bet you’ll miss us when we’re gone …I know I’ll miss you and the locker room chatter.)
Flip Turn News:
Join this group of lap swimmers.  It is only a web based group who can connect if/when a pool arises. Send your info to
Happy lapping!
Melissa Bowers