Lap Swim Club (1/15/2019)

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Let it rain, let it rain..PLEASE…let it rain…  It won’t bother us, we’re already wet.  From the swimmers’ perspective, the sparkling raindrops are like diamonds falling from the sky.  Really beautiful at the dawn hour.  (Yes, this is a rain dance, praying for diamonds to fall.)
Half-way  through January with about 6-7 weeks left before the newly remodeled East Rec Pool reopens. Our fins and flippers are crossed!
Flip Turn News:
Feeling tough or hardy or brave? If so, here’s the challenge… Start your swim routine in the dead of winter.  Join this dedicated web-based swim group by sending e-address and name to
Happy lapping!
Melissa Bowers


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Are you reading about the East Rec’s remodel progress? It’s going to be beautiful!  I can’t wait yet know not to hold my breath!  We