Lap Swim Club: Good to the Last Lap

  • by Melissa Bowers
Baby, it was cool outside ! Oh my goodness…down right a Brrrrr!  The Central pool was clinking ice floats for us Polar Bears!  Tough as we are, with one heater down and smoke in the air, keeping our active life styles was a challenge. The gym was welcoming though and even  ping pong cause it’s played inside.  But by today, December 1st,  we should be back on track. Life’s moments…
December, the new month, brings the need to check our equipment for holes, fading, loss of elasticity, or something new. Santa Claus and his elves like a list. A new rashguard and a long legged swimsuit is on mine. What about you?
Flip Turn News:
If you’re a Polar Bear who works out year round in all types of weather, join our web site. No dues nor parties. As independent sport swimmers using any pool and coming any time, our site gives a connection if/when a pool issue arises. Send your name, address to and an invite will arrive. Fill  out the details, your password, and remember its name and to sign in each time.
Happy lapping!
Melissa Bowers


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