Lap Swim

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Are you reading about the East Rec’s remodel progress? It’s going to be beautiful!  I can’t wait yet know not to hold my breath!  We swimmers have huge lung capacity but not enough , so don’t turn blue in the face… and be patient.
Weather certainly determines the pool opening date, but there are two other major factors that must take place before the Health Dept gives its “Green Light”!  First, the underwater hard surface must ‘cure’ for three weeks; and secondly, once the pool is filled, the new water balance system must run another three weeks before the Health Dept signs off. So stay the course, continue your workouts. March 10th the time changes making for longer days, and Spring arrives March 21st.
Flip Turn News
Join this group of independent lap swimmers. It has no set group activities, just a web site connection in case a pool arises.  Send your name, address and the invite from Shutterfly will arrive.
Happy lapping!
Melissa Bowers