Lawn Bowling 12-15-19

Topher Gayle


If you’re curious about this relaxed, friendly game, stop by the green (next to the CAC) on any non-rainy Saturday afternoon (roughly 2-3PM) and ask anybody in the area what we’re doing. Also, check out our website for fun photos, instructional video links, club info, and much more —

New Time for Daily Draw
As of Jan 1, 2020, the daily draw time will change to 1:30, which means we should show up at 1:15. If you show up at 12:15 and wonder where everybody else is, this is why.


Hey, and while you’re at the green, I recommend you mosey on over to the OVA office and renew your membership for 2020. It’s easy!

Thanksgiving Tournament Results

The mighty team of DeniseLenahan, Kathleen Connelly and Phil Bowman strutted away with two awards at the 2019 Thanksgiving Tournament: Highest Score and Largest Spread (which was 20-3). My team, sadly got the 3… Boo hoo!Second place went to Bob Stephens, Bonnie Johnston and SandraPessner. And in third was Jerry Garland, Kevin Johnson and Pam Dempsey.

Upcoming Events

Jan 1, 2020 – Daily draw time moves to 1:30PM, so show up at 1:15 to drop your chip in the bucket. Did I already mention this? Oh, I guess I did. It’s worth repeating.

Other Thoughts

I’m writing this note right before Thanksgiving. The local posse of turkeys hasdined in our yard today, gobbling the redpistache berries, never suspecting that they have a deceased cousin nearby in our refrigerator. We had a good deluge last night, hopefully ending fire season for the year, and bringing lots of yummy water to the green.

I am thankful for many things – life is good. One reason it’s so good is the comradery on the green. It’s fun to go down there every couple of days and roll some bowls around with my pals. For a couple hours, I can try to make the darn thing go where I want it to, and when it does (which indeed does sometimes happen!) I get a thrill out of it.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and I hope to see you all at the green in 2020!