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Lawn Bowling (3/1/2019)

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  • Phil Bowman

FIRST QUARTERLY MEETING — March 7th @ 11:00 at the Berger

This is your opportunity to catch up on news about your fellow bow-lers, upcoming events and to ask questions of the officers and directors of the club.

President Marilyn Garland is determined to run the meeting in an or-derly fashion and for it to be over in time for members to be able to bowl at 12:15, so please be there at 11 sharp.


The ever popular Green Book will be distributed at the end of the quarterly meeting on March 7. One to a member, please.

If you find there are any errors (very unlikely!) concerning your per-sonal information or other information in it, please let Phil Bowman or Mary Blake know so they can make corrections.


The board met on February 1st and made a number of decisions that will be of interest to members.

Tournaments: The entry fees haven’t been sufficient to cover the ex-penses so they will be increased from $2 to $3.

Friendship Outreach: Bonnie Johnston is taking care of this mission. When you know of a member who is in need of help, let her know. Alterna-tively, tell Marilyn, Jeana or Jim Krause.

Sonoma Wine Country Games: Friday and Saturday, June 7th and 8th. OLBC is limited as to the number of teams that can enter. If you want to play, form a team and register it with Jerry Garland. The deadline is March 1st. However, you may add your name as an alternate to the sheet on the bulletin board. Also, we need help with sign-in table, markers, etc.

There will be a dinner for participants Thursday evening before the tourna-ment starts.

Training Committee: The board is looking for someone to head up this committee. For the present, Tony Lachowicz and Frank Gyorgy will act as co-chairs. Please consider stepping up to take over this important job.

Wrong Bias Contributions: A review of the club’s finances last year revealed a significant drop in collections from red-faced bowlers. If you roll with the wrong bias you should contribute a quarter to the little jar on the shed and ring the bell. We need the money!


Here are the tournaments this month and next. The April Fools Day event is always a fun game; won’t see many in whites.

St. Patrick’s Day Monday, March 18 @12:30

April Fools Day Monday, April 1st @ 12:30

Mens’ Pairs Thursday, April 25 @12:30

Sign up soon and get your match play skills tuned up.


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