Lawn Bowling (3/15/2019)

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  • Phil Bowman


The 2019 Green Book was distributed at the first quarterly meeting on March 7th. If you missed the meeting, you can obtain one in the bowls room. In addition to home addresses, phone numbers and email ad-dresses of members you’ll find information on important club dates. You will also learn the names of officers, board members and the committee members.

We tried to get all the information correct. But if you find any errors, please let me or Mary Blake know so that we can make corrections.


And the winners were: Linda Pickell, Jim Krause and Jeannette Breligo.

Linda, Jim & Jeannette


Here are the tournaments this month and next. Whites are required except on April Fools day which is always a fun game; you won’t see many wearing whites and will be amazed at the imagination of our members. You’d think there was a contest.

St. Patrick’s Day Monday, March 18 @12:30

April Fools Day Monday, April 1st @ 12:30

Mens’ Pairs Thursday, April 25 @12:30

Sign up soon, tune up your play skills and bring your $3. (note the se-vere price increase!)


Seems not so long ago that Oakmont, indeed nearly all of northern California was suffering from the drought. What a difference a year makes. Now we have plenty of water but need sun to turn our beige turf green.

Jim Krause has been monitoring the condition of the green and send-ing out notices of when the green is closed and when it is open. These of-ten come on a moment’s notice so check your email before heading for the green. On March 1st, Jim put out the word that the green was open for bowling and 4 rinks were filled. Later that day he sent a notice that the green would be closed the next day—more rain.

Waiting for Rink Assignments


The deadline for entry has past but Jerry Garland reported there are only five OLBC teams registered. The club would like to have one more so if you didn’t get your paperwork in there is still an opportunity to play. Also, there will be need for helpers—greeters, markers, managing the sign-in ta-ble, etc. Please let Jerry know if you want to play and/or can help with the tourney. Paperwork for entering is in the bowls room.

See more OLBC information at



SAVE THE DATE: JULY 14 The Oakmont Pétanque Club has tentatively scheduled its first tournament for 2021, the Bastille Day Tournament, for Bastille Day, Wednesday,

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