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Lawn Bowling 6/1/2019

Lawn Bowling Banner
Wine Clown Winner

How’s your summer getting started? Busy? So’s ours. Why, just in the last couple of weeks, we’ve had three fun events.

Women’s Pairs Tournament

The ladies played three very close games in the tournament’s first round. The winners of that round were: Jeana Garcia/Sherry Kohut, Jeannette Breglio/Janet Johnson, and Marilyn Garland/Pam Dempsey. Playoffs will determine who the reigning Queens of the Green will be!

Demo Days

A few days later, we introduced several people to our dear sport at the Demo Days event. We gave them basic instruction, put some bowls in their hands, and got them rolling! With luck, some of these folks will come back and show us a thing or two.

[Photo: Welcome Table] [Caption:] Fritzie Amantite & Bonnie Johnston at the Welcome Table

BBQ Social

And then, as if this weren’t enough to keep us on our toes, we enjoyed a BBQ social event – we bowled some games in the afternoon, attempted to roll a bowl into the Clown Box (to win a bottle of vino), and followed all that up with burgers and hotdogs. Tall tales were told, marvelous medical procedures compared, photos of perfect grandchildren inspected, and in general, a fine time was had.

[photo: Wine Clown Winner] [Caption: Jeannette Breglio’s winning shot!]

Upcoming Tournaments:

June 7 & 8 Sonoma Wine Country Games (right here in Oakmont!) June 13 9:30AM Open Pairs June 28 9:30AM Vet/Novice Pairs

Other Upcoming Events:

June 6 12:00PM Member Meeting, Berger June 11 After 5 Social (bowl at 4PM, eat about 6PM, potluck) Musings:

As you probably know, the entire premise of lawn bowling comes from the fact that the bowls don’t roll straight. It’s devilish. The amount that the bowls curve is called the amount of bias, and I’ve learned that the older the bowls, the more chance that the bias may have changed, as a result of collisions, surface wear, and the position of the stars. Just joking. It really has to do with the gravitational pull of the moon.

Anyway, my bowls’ year of manufacture is stamped on them: 1975. So I’ve been trying to be sensitive about their individual biases. For a couple of weeks, I suspected that I had one bowl that had considerably less bias than the others. One of my OLBC friends suggested I mark it, but I thought that would be cheating. However, I did think that finding a pre-existing mark on it would not constitute foul play, so I made note of a little yellow spot on it. I called that bowl “Spot.”

I held my little secret in reserve until the end of a game with a close score – my team was behind by one little point – I aimed a little closer to the target than usual, wound up with Spot, and launched the biggest out-of-bounds bowl of the day. Old Spot had plenty of bias. I’ve since tried to ignore that little yellow mark, but it keeps taunting me.

Lawn bowling welcome table.



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