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Lawn Bowling 6-15-2019

Lawn Bowling Banner

Topher Gayle

WANT TO TRY LAWN BOWLING? Join us July 15, 10AM to noon at the green next to CAC. It’s free!

We had a good turnout of volunteers – ten, to be exact – to help with the annual major maintenance of the green. First, the grass was verticut, using a heavy machine that looked like a cross between a road surfacer and a Star Wars spacecraft. Our hardy team of volunteers raked up thatch, conveyed it to the base of the big trees, and spread it as mulch. Those are very happy trees. Then the green’s grass was cut, fertilized, and thoroughly watered. Kudos to Jim Krause, who organized the event, and thanks to all the volunteers.

Tournament News


The final rounds of the Women’s Pairs Tournament haven’t been completed, as of this writing, so no photos of the Queens of the Green, just yet. The Men’s Triples Tournament was scrubbed due to iffy weather and low signups. I encourage you all to sign up! It’s great fun when there are at least 6 teams.

The Memorial Day Tournament results are in – Francis Coryell, James Chang, and Ande Anderson took the First Place honors. In Second Place was Linda Rubio, Liliane Rains, and Eva McGinn. Third Place went to Steve Pickell, Kathleen Connelly, and Jim Brewer.

First Place: Ande Anderson, James Chang, and Francis Coryell
Second Place: Eva McGinn, Linda Rubio, and Liliane Rains

Events in the Offing

June 28 – Vet/Novice Pairs Tournament (a novice has less than 2 years of experience) July 4 – Independence Day Tournament July 8 – Women’s Triples Tournament July 9 – After Five Social (play at 4PM, potluck at 6PM) July 15 – Demo Days (volunteers needed! Please contact Linda Rubio)

Sign up for all tournaments on the board at the clubhouse. That’s a great place to check the calendar and see what’s coming up.

Musical Accompaniment

I find that when I’m doing something I enjoy, such as working in my woodshop, or cooking dinner, or out for a hike with my sweetie, there’ll often be songs (or just parts of songs) running through my mind. I’ve discovered the following playlist for lawn bowling:

“Hit the Road, Jack”, especially when I’ve knocked the jack into the gutter – “don’t you come back no more…!” “Proud Mary,” as in, “Rolling, Rolling, Rolling on the River” particularly if it’s wet out. How about “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick” from the “Limbo Rock”, not that any of us is likely to do the limbo any more. At least, not in our whites. “Jumping Jack Flash, it’s a gas gas gas.” “Roll up! You’ve got an invitation” to the “Magical Mystery Tour.” “Cover of the Rolling Stone,” or “like a Rolling Stone” because, after all, that’s what we’re rolling, really, on the “Green, Green, Grass of Home!”

I’ll sign off with my favorite: “Let the Good Times Roll” There are at least a couple different songs with this lyric in them, and they all work.



SAVE THE DATE: JULY 14 The Oakmont Pétanque Club has tentatively scheduled its first tournament for 2021, the Bastille Day Tournament, for Bastille Day, Wednesday,

Oakmont Canine Club News

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