Lawn Bowling 8-15-2019

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Topher Gayle

Interested in Lawn Bowling? Email us at to arrange a meeting with a friendly person who will show you what’s what! Or just show up at the green on some Saturday and look curious. Weather permitting, someone will be there to introduce you to this fun game Saturday mornings (during the warmer months), or afternoons (beginning October 12th.)

Rob, Ande, and Jerry

Tournaments July 24 opened with eight busy rinks, as the open triples tournament got underway. Jerry Garland, our tournament organizer extraordinaire, had a few words to say about the rules, and then hosted a spider, in which 48 hurtling bowls all managed to avoid striking the jack. The winners of the first round played a few days later. The winners of the first round were: Denise Lenahan, Jeanette Breglio, Jim Brewer; Tom Ternullo, Bonnie Johnston, Vern Jones; Jerry Garland, Ande Anderson, Rob Lenahan; and Bob Stephens, Mark Johnston, Janet Johnson. May the best team ultimately prevail! You’ll read about it here.

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Upcoming events

Monday Aug 19 9:30AM, Women’s Singles Tournament Friday Aug 30 9:30AM, Open Singles Tournament Monday Sept 2 9:30AM, Labor Day / Tom Cuneo Tournament – Loud shirts! Thursday Sept 5, 12PM Quarterly Member’s Meeting (Berger Center) Tuesday Sept 10, 5PM BBQ Social (CAC patio, bowl at 4PM)

Lawn Bowling App

I suspect I’m not the only lawn bowler who plays video games on my smartphone. Recently I downloaded a game app that is based on lawn bowling. It’s not much like real lawn bowling, but it’s fun! It’s called “Virtual Lawn Bowls,” and it’s available on Google Play (I dunno about Apple.) There’s a free demo version; the full version costs something like $5. Of the several modes of play, I find two are the most satisfying – the “Challenges,” which are puzzles to solve, sometimes involving elevated surfaces and unusual opponent bowls situations. And “Quick Match,” in which you play against robotic opponents.

In the full version you can choose the amount of bias your bowls have, the number of bowls in play, the accuracy of the robots, and the number of robots you play. The scoring system is different from that which we use here, but that hardly matters. You still have to solve the same kinds of tactical problems as in the real game. The full version also opens up more than one level of challenges, some of which are most challenging (and utterly unlikely) indeed.

Jeanette, Jim, and Denise

Of course, you get no exercise whatsoever while playing these games, and your skill at rolling bowls will not improve at all. But it might help you understand your options when the jack is near the gutter, or help you analyze whether striking the opponent’s bowl away might be more advantageous than trying to draw up to the jack. Mainly, it’s a good way to stay mellow while in a long line at the grocery.



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