Lawn Bowling: Join the Club

It's great to be back on the green
It's great to be back on the green

By Mary Blake

Liliane Wins the Spider – I hope it’s a nice French Red

Have you been wondering what people are doing on the bowling green? Now’s your chance to find out.
Whether you’d like to get an introduction to lawn bowling or to get fully trained, we’d love to see you. To learn more:
• Pick up a brochure near the entrance to the green, or
• call Tony Lachowicz, our head trainer, at 707-888-1430, or
• send us an email at, or
• drop in at 9:30 on a Saturday morning, that’s our “drop-in” day when someone will explain what’s going on, maybe let you roll a few bowls (it’s a left-over from the French that they’re called “bowls” not “balls”).

Yes, you read that right! We held our first tournament in over a year. Our intrepid embedded reporter, Pam Dempsey, sent in the following results:
1st place to Jim K and Marilyn
2nd to Tom T and Pam D
3rd place Steve P and Mark J
Jim and Marilyn won the spread
It was a fun day and good to see everyone.

The CDC says if you’re fully vaccinated, you don’t need to wear a mask outdoors. We should still maintain some distance, so we’ll stick to the 5, spread-apart, rinks and no triples. And if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask (allergies, Covid, forgot to shave, . . .), yes, continue to wear one.

Phil in Perfect Form

The CDC has agreed that Covid is “rarely” transmitted via surfaces, so we’re carefully returning to our old rules for handling bowls, mat, jack and scoreboards. We’re also returning to the daily draw, but with only one person handling the chips. And, if you use club bowls, please sanitize them before returning them to the bowls room.

Contact Jim Krause if you’d like a refresher course before going back to bowling. I got the impression he’d LOVE to do some training!


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