Leg Extension/Leg Curl Alternatives

Leg Extension/Leg curl Alternatives (Part I) – John Phillips

The new Leg Curl/Leg Extension machine is almost 3 months old and for the most part, people seem to be getting used to it. Of course, there are those that just can’t seem to get used to its motion or action, so I thought I would give some alternatives to the machine.

For Leg Extensions:
1. Squats – Squats are great for all over strengthen of the leg muscles and the core. The center provides many different ways to perform a squat. They can be done effectively with weights or just with the use of your body weight. I believe the TRX straps are very effective for this exercise.
2. Reverse Lunges – This is another very effective leg and core exercise. It is similar to a regular lunge except you are stepping back and touch the leg that is stepping back towards the ground.
3. The Belgian Split Squat – You probably won’t see this performed very often around the Center as it requires quite a bit of balance. You place one foot on a raised platform or bench behind you, and the other foot in front of you. You perform what really looks more like a Lunge rather than a Squat.
4. Step Ups – This is an exercise that more Oakmonters should be performing. To perform this exercise, you place one foot on the top of the step and then bring up the other leg to a high knee lift and then take it all the way back to the ground. This is a great strength builder.
5. Lateral Lunges – Another exercise that more Oakmonters should be performing because we don’t move lateral very often and when we do it usually causes injury. This movement is simply a step to the side squatting to that side, facing forward then moving back to center and repeating to the opposite

I hope this helps some of you who simply can’t get used to the new machine. There is always an alternative. If you would like to try one of the above but are not sure how to execute the movements, please let me know and I will be glad to show you. As always if you have any questions regarding this or any workout issue, please feel free to contacting me at 707-494-9086 (call or text) or my email John@oakmontvillage.com. I hope to see you all at the Center real soon.


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