•John Brodey
Let’s Eat
Well, it’s been quite a while since anyone has stopped in the Quail Inn for a drink, but that is about to change. At last Friday’s breakfast Zoom meeting, our guest speaker was none other than the new General Manager of the VOM Golf Club, Hilary Gruendle. Hilary gave us a run down of her extensive history in the hospitality sector which most recently included running her own company designed to help restaurant owners and managers learn how to be profitable. The degree of difficulty in launching a successful restaurant is only marginally better than starting your own winery, running for the Governorship of California as a Republican or getting on the liver transplant list if your name is Keith Richards.

But Hilary is up to the challenge as we found out in learning about her plans for the complex. It seems that the initial burning question on everyone’s mind was, what will be the new name for the restaurant/bar. She said they had sent out surveys to the community asking for suggestions and they received 500 responses. She wouldn’t divulge the new name but I would bet that some of the rejects might have included: Berger King, the Poison Oak Café, Chez Petite Retiree and the Under Par Bistro. We soon moved on to the meat and potatoes portion (sorry) of her presentation. The Golf Club will continue under the stewardship of local golf icon John Theilade. The maintenance crew have been busy getting the courses back in to shape and recently they performed the annual springtime task of aerating the greens. Most of the work completed is deferred maintenance, e.g., a broken well pump needed for irrigation. A lot of hiring has already begun as well, and we have a new corporate director of sales and marketing. The new food and beverage director is also named John and he is now on the job. As for work on the club house, just listening to Hilary run down the process required to meet county and city health and building guidelines was exhausting. A complete set of plans for the clubhouse was just the beginning. Where everything would be placed , etc. There were immediate needs right away, new plumbing and new refrigeration in the kitchen. The snack bar still needs work, but timelines have been met and so permits will come in a sequence that allows certain aspects to open one after the other.

In less than a month the liquor license will go into effect and the bar will be open. The snack bar should be open as of this issue date. The food will be significantly better as we had all hoped. As for the overall layout of the building, there won’t be significant changes for now. Much of the interior work was behind the scenes. Menu announcements will follow including specialty dinner events including Prime Rib and Crab nights. And there is already a plan in place to enlarge the back patio to accommodate a greater number of tables. There has been much speculation about what things will look and feel like, but this much we know, no matter what they end up calling the place, we’ll be ready.


Evening Bocce

Thursday, August 19, an evening event of bocce and food was held at the Bocce Ball Courts. A group of 28 people attended. A special

Work-Out Wearables

Do clothes make the exercise easier? From Summer Olympics to Seniors in Oakmont, that is the question. Though not ready for Vogue, OHI regulars dress for success, fitness success. Join them and join the red carpet of daring designs.

9/11 Memories and Exercise

Today we remember the day that shocked and shook the world with a painful look back. This is also a time to look ahead at how to mitigate lingering negative responses. Living in constant concern, anxiety and fear robs the good from each day. Deep breathing and reading comics may be ways to cope. Talking to a positive person might be another. And still a third: exercise.

Classes in October and November

OTLC is in the process of revamping the technology classroom at the CAC. A new high-resolution projector is being installed. Fourteen old computer desks have