Let’s Play Bingo, November 7th at 1pm

Let’s Play Bingo

Oakmont’s Just for Fun Games Club invites you to play Virtual Bingo on Saturday, October 3 at 1pm.

REGISTER: Send an email to:

Just4FunGamesClub@earthlink.net Include your name, email address and telephone number. (If you don’t use email, you may call or text Jeri Phillips at (714) 883-3126 to register.)

BINGO CARDS: After you register, you will receive a confirmation with instructions on how to access bingo cards to use when we play on October 3.

GAME DAY: Before the end of the month, you will receive separate instructions on how to join the Virtual Bingo Game using Zoom or your telephone.

EVERYONE WELCOME: There won’t be any cash prize, but there isn’t an entry fee either! Come join us, visit with your neighbors and play Bingo Just for Fun.