Income tax, property tax, sales tax, capital gains tax, kiddie tax, wealth tax, estate tax, corporate tax, city and county tax and the burden of being taxed all take their toil this month, or to whatever new date has been decreed for this year. We fret and stew, worry and wonder what we get for our money.

And then there’s exercise? It taxes the body, does it not? What do you get in return? Fitness, positive frame of mind and energy. With OHI Free Fitness classes, exercisers also get friends and a bit of socializing. Class member Tudy says, “I love JoRene’s class;  it is a great workout and I am dripping wet by the end.  I enjoy the chance to chat before and after class.” Exercise regular Joan Rumrill adds, “I’m so thankful that JoRene is providing us with Zoom exercise classes until we can return to normal classes at the Berger Center.  I’m there everyday that I’m at home.” She admits that being a workaholic took its toll, until she joined the (at that time,) “new” Oakland YMCA. “Then for the next  six years, I started every weekday morning with exercise from 6 to 8 am.  I began work at 9.  During those years, I was very fit and competed in several mini triathlons.”

Like taxes, exercise is for everyone. Monday and Wednesday OHI exercise classes welcomes men and women. We come for the exercise, we leave with the benefits. Tax-deductible donations are being accepted through Oakmont Community Foundation ( with OHI noted as beneficiary.


Spring Bulb Fundraiser

Spread the word! Soroptimist International Oakmont Wine Country will be selling
Dutch Mill Bulbs for Mother’s Day for this year’s Spring Fundraiser.

Make Movies!

Your smart phone is a powerful movie making device. Learn How!

Selected Donations Welcome

The Library is Open!Monday-Friday 10-3 The library welcomes you back. Only 5 in the library at a time, maintain social distancing, masks required. You are

T.E.C. Kick-Off Wine Tasting Event

The Oakmont Tasting Events Club held its inaugural wine tasting with two French selections; a Chateau Magnan-Gigeac Grand Cru St. Emilion and a Forian Mollet

Money for Nothing

John Brodey Here we go again. Maybe it is the tax season that makes it seem as though I’m preoccupied with money. But in my