Jazz Club 9/15/2018


Location Change & Recap

  • Dolora DeGeer Hurst

If you missed the last meeting of the Oakmont Jazz Group because of the change of date and location, I am very sorry. Everyone was notified by Email. If
you did not receive the information of the change of time and place, please check your Email address at our next meeting.

This month we will be again in the OVA Building, 6637 Oakmont Drive, Suite B. Please note: the date for the meeting is September 27 at 2 p.m.

The last program was exceptional. Jessica Berry shared some of her absolute treasures of jazz artists of the past. Patrick Scull played old recordings, of almost forgotten artists, of a former era. What beautiful music we heard.

Please join us and share these precious recordings. They are of some of the great artists of jazz music, held
in great esteem, and in a time period to be treasured.

For more information about the club please call me at 537-7720.


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Oakmont Variety Show The Oakmont Jazz Club ls presenting a Variety Show. It will be given by Oakmont residents who are talented in an art

Jazz Club 12-15-2019

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The Oakmont Jazz Club is excited to announce that not only will they be presenting Bobbe Norris and Larry Dunlap for their program in June,

Three Prominent Jazz Musicians

Dolora DeGeer Hurst On June 14th, the Oakmont Jazz Club is presenting a concert featuring three of the outstanding musicians of our time. BOBBE NORRIS