LOMAA 6-15-2019


OVA sponsors a NEWCOMERS MEETING to introduce new residents to the various organizations and activities in Oakmont.

A reoccurring comment from new members has been “I think I am in a Maintained Area but I know nothing about it.”

The LOMAA Representative then attempts to explain our associations. This is not the best way to introduce new residents into the association.

LOMAA suggests that the Association Board make a point to greet a new resident and explain the operation of the association. A WELCOME LETTER along with other information such as the association’s policies would be a great help in this matter.

A friendly reception will also assist in convincing the new resident to serve on the board at a later date.

Next Board Meeting, Monday, August 5, 2019, 12:00 PM, Room B


OHI Free Fitness Class

Join our Mon & Wed Free fitness class with JoRene, 9-10am – new login information -Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/96799422442?pwd=aVpLZ3NWeDV2ZUE3VnBQbzZILzBiQT09. or go to Zoom.com and type

Oakmont Ready (Map Your Neighborhood)

Recent events have underscored the absolute necessity of having a plan in place for supporting each other in times of emergency. Map Your Neighborhood (MYN),