LOMAA: What Do We Do

The LOMAA Board consisting of five Directors, elected by the membership, elects the Board Officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer). The Board serves the associations as a research, information and advice source on subjects pertinent to the maintained areas. Board members attend industry seminars, review publications and other sources to keep abreast of the changes in association management and obligations.

During 1994 the LOMAA Board assembled information gathered since the start of LOMAA and produced The LOMAA HANDBOOK, distributed to all associations, with information on Board responsibilities, Finance, Landscaping, Plumbing & Irrigation, Painting, Engineering and Legal.

Each year LOMAA, with the cooperation of Association Boards, receives a completed survey form from the Associations showing what activity there has been in the area of Finance, Landscaping, Plumbing & Irrigation, Painting and Engineering. This information is tabulated and with new and updated information (gathered from publications and seminars) is distributed to each maintained area board at the June Workshop for updating the LOMAA HANDBOOK.

LOMAA Board members attend ECHO (Educational Community for Home Owners – California organization monitoring the Legislature and associations) seminars on a regular basis to keep informed on developments effecting Homeowner Associations.

Association Boards and Homeowners are invited to bring their problems to the LOMAA Board or to seek their advice and counsel.

Next Board Meeting, Monday, February 5, 2019, 12:00 PM, Room B


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