Byline: Oakmont Macintosh User’s Group (OakMUG)

For those who may be new to Oakmont, or to our user’s group, OakMUG is a team of residents who share an interest in home computing using Apple products: iMacs, Macbooks, iPhones, iPads, MacOS, iOS, and other Apple offerings. We hold regular meetings with interesting topics presented by computer professionals, and provide a forum for exchanging ideas and getting answers to our member’s questions. We will be reaching out to you by e-mail if you were a past OakMUG member. If you’re interested and are not a past member, please drop us an email at .

On July 17 an attempt was made to resume OakMUG meetings. After one meeting the West Rec Center was shut down due to a broken sprinkler flooding the space, hence losing our space for meetings. In addition to losing our space and not being able to acquire another space the continuance of OakMUG was in question. We lost our President on top of everything else so we suspended our meetings until further notice. There was a call put out to all members asking for someone to step forward into the role of President. Our request has been answered and OakMUG will continue with regular meetings starting in January. Our new president is Alan Schackman, a long time OakMUG member who has stepped forward. Alan is quite active in Oakmont – he is on 2 other boards and we feel Alan will bring a great deal to our board. Please give a big thank you to Alan for keeping our group afloat.

Please hold the date of January 22 at 2 PM for our first meeting. OakMUG usually meets on the third Saturday but because we have lost our usual space we are having to compensate and some dates may not be the 3rd Saturday. .The future dates for 2022 are scheduled for the EAST REC CENTER. Please note the dates: January 22, March 19, May 21, July 16, September 17 and November 12.

Ronnie Roach is our speaker for our January meeting. The topic will be a general Apple update. If there are any other topics you might want addressed please let us know and we will pass that on to her.


Sparkling Bubbles at Tasting Events Club on December 16th

Sparkling Bubbles at Tasting Events Club on December 16th.
Want to taste and compare a $110 per glass, 19-year-old exclusive Champagne with $20 to $50 Sparkling wines from around the world and Champagnes? You can at the next Tasting Events Club Event on Dec. 16th at 6pm at our Oakmont’s East Rec Center.

Unique JoRene Woodworth

In addition to Oakmont classes, JoRene leads four other classes, is certified for instructing people challenged by balance and movement, by Parkinson disease. She says she’s inspired by students and has become certified in leading exercise classes designed for senior adults.