General Manager’s Report 5-21-2018

Last Updated: 05-21-18

Manager’s Report: Pickleball, East Rec, & 3 New Committees

Pickleball Conversion Starts

The conversion process started on time, May 17 with the removal of existing nets & posts. Work was initiated by Steve Adams of Adams Surfacing. Completion is expected in 3 weeks.

2 Contracts For East Rec Renovation Approved

2 contracts have been approved by the OVA Board. 1 is for $122,000 with PCD, Santa Rosa for audio-visual equipment in the East Rec Center. The other contract is for $61,000 with Hartley Window Coverings, Sebastopol for new window coverings. The total cost is now $183K. The OVA Board authorized Elke Strunka to research loans for the East Rec renovation & Berger Center project. This was authorized because rates for loans are currently low.

Fire Safety Committee

Interested in assisting with the potential fire issues at OVA? The OVA BoD is considering establishing a Fire Safety Committee. If interested, please send your resumes to This topic will be addressed more at the 6/19 Board Meeting.

Community Education & Transparency Committee

The new committee arrives on the heels of improvements made to board meeting agendas provided to membership. The new agendas now include more background information on items to be discussed during the meeting. CETC will recommend to the Board information the community needs to know, and will also recommend education to be pursued by the Board itself.

First Responders & Veteran’s Day Event Committee

For the past 10 years the Kiwanis Club with assistance from OVA has coordinated & prepared the Veterans Day Parade. In 2017, due to the October fires, the OVA Board requested that the planned Veteran Parade and Reception be changed to “Veterans and First Responders Recognition and Appreciation. The event was held in the Berger Center with a stationary exhibit in the parking lot and on Oakmont Drive. About 500 residents turned out to express appreciation.
The Kiwanis Club of Oakmont finds itself in a very difficult situation with membership declining and has asked OVA to take the reigns for the special annual event. With their assistance, the Kiwanis are asking OVA to continue with the 2018 First Responders Event scheduled for Monday, November 12, 2018. OVA is looking for volunteers who wish to assist with this event. If interested please resumes to