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For the last few years, Oakmont has been part of the nationally recognized and FEMA-endorsed Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) program that has been adopted in over 40 states. A robust program designed primarily for sheltering in place, Oakmont MYN is expanding to include preparations for wildfires, evacuations, red flag and PSPS events.

The new “Oakmont Ready“ awareness campaign will include webinars, Town Hall speakers, co-sponsorship of the Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on May 1st and a Fire Wise Fair in the summer. The biggest initiative of the expanded MYN is a program called “Oakmont Ready Tips” that will offer Oakmont residents frequent educational and motivational Tips on topics related to disaster preparedness.

“The idea behind this expansion in our program,” explains Katy Carrel, MYN coordinator, “is to give Oakmont residents the tools, support and education they need for any type of emergency including wildfires, which the standard MYN program doesn’t address. Our new logo reflects the broadening of our focus. Our March Town Hall on the Psychology of Disaster Preparedness covered all types of emergencies. And, our new “Oakmont Ready Tips” will cover both evacuations and stay-in-place emergencies.”

“Each Oakmont Ready Tip is a single topic that is simple to do or read,” explains Sue Lebow, MYN contributor & editor. “Residents will be able to click on a link in the OVA eBlast that will take them to a “Tip” that is a printable page or two on that topic. Some Tips will be informational only and some will be geared towards something you can do. We are recommending that people print the Tips and keep them in a binder and we’ll provide an Index to keep them organized.”

“Oakmont Ready Tips” will be offered on a regular basis in the OVA eBlasts and the Oakmont News. Interested residents can also sign up for the MYN Oakmont Ready e-newsletter on the MYN website at and click on “Add Me!”. The Tips will cover dozens of relevant topics from clarifying evacuation zones, preparing a Go Bag for your pet, opening your garage door when the power is out, fire extinguishers, and things to do during red flag warning days. Combined, they give Oakmont residents the tools they need to meet almost any emergency.

For more information about MYN and it’s expanded program or for tips on how to start MYN in your neighborhood, go to To watch the Psychology Behind Disaster Preparedness Town Hall, go to Videos under the Members Tab on the site.


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