May 5 Town Hall on Proposed Healing Center at Los Cuilicos

OVA’s May 5 town hall meeting will focus on a Sonoma County proposal for a 16-bed psyciatric facility at the Los Guilicos site across from Oakmont. The virtual town hall will start at 1 p.m.

OVA recently participated in a meeting with county officials where the county revealed it will likely vote in mid-May on converting an existing Los Guilicos building to serve as a short-term, crisis care facility. After hearing this, OVA re-scheduled the May town hall presentation, which was to have covered Council on Aging programs for seniors, to June 2. 

The proposal calls for the county to contract with Crestwood Behavioral Health, which claims to be the leading provider of mental health services in California, to operate the facility. Crestwood’s literature refers to the company as a fully accredited, Sacramento-based health care provider, with 33 programs and over 3,100 employees across the state. Crestwood was founded in 1968. 

The proposed site’s focus will be on helping clients stabilize, gain self- reliance, build strengths, and foster independence with structure and support. According to Crestwood, the average stay in facilities such as that envisioned at Los Guilicos is about 8 days. 

The May 5 town hall will last 1.5 hours and will feature presentations from the county and Crestwood. Ample time for questions will be allowed.