May Garden Tour – Open To All Oakmonters

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  • Patty McHugh

When:             Tuesday, May 21st – 10am to 1pm

Where:            Pick up MAP at the Berger Center at 10am.  One map per group/car please.

In lieu of a May meeting the Garden Club is hosting our annual tour of Oakmont gardens.  This year we have seven gardens whose owners have graciously volunteered to open them for show.  What’s different this year is that the tour will be open to ALL Oakmonters and their guests, not just club members and guests.  We hope people will see how much fun it is to be a member and want to join us.  We are always looking for new members; a larger membership may allow us to expand our guest speaker series to engage those experts who do not typically speak to smaller groups.

We are very excited about the range of gardens in this year’s tour.  All are very different and unique in their own way – it just goes to show how lovely any garden can be, regardless of its size, theme (if any), orientation or plant material.  We hope they will inspire you!  A garden doesn’t need to be perfect – a garden’s only job is to bring us peace and joy.

A specific route will be shown on the map and a synopsis of each garden will be printed on the back of the map.  Garden owners will be wearing a colorful lei – feel free to ask them questions (gardeners love talking about their garden).

Please do join us!  We want to make this a success and something we look forward to every year.  Feedback would be wonderful.  If we inspire even one non-gardener to become a gardener, then we’ve done our job!


We love May outdoors here in Northern California – gardens are in bloom and the weather is usually sunny and mild.  We have already forgotten about the long, cold, rainy winter and are spending lots and lots of time in the garden to make up for the time lost.

  • If you are vegetable gardening, get them seeded or planted promptly. Many vegetables take months to mature.
  • If you haven’t already, fertilize Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Camelia with an acid-type fertilizer after they have finished blooming.
  • If you fertilized in March, give a second application of all-purpose fertilizer to lawns, landscape plants and established annuals and perennials.
  • Citrus prefer citrus fertilizer with iron; if you applied fertilizer in April, wait 4 weeks. If you haven’t fertilized yet, do it now.
  • Sow seeds of summer flowers and set out bedding plants.
  • Cut out deadwood wherever you find it.
  • Pick off faded blossoms of roses – always cut to a 5-leafed stem. Fertilize when most of the current buds have bloomed.  From now on rosebushes need equal quantities of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (i.e. 10-10-10).
  • Continue to watch out for snails and earwigs; remove standing water to stop mosquito breeding.



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