Meet the Fitness Club Board – Gary Jackson, Treasurer

Meet the Fitness Club Board – Gary Jackson, Treasurer
Gary Jackson and his wife, Gretchen, have lived in Oakmont for 6 years.
Are you originally from Northern California?
No, I grew up in New Jersey. I moved to California for work, eventually landing in Novato.
When did you get interested in Fitness?
When I was in college, I became interested in the work of Dr. Kenneth Cooper. He pioneered the benefits of doing aerobic exercise for maintaining and improving health. His later research focused on moderate aerobic exercise workouts for swimming, cycling and a walking-running program. I did a research paper on the effect of training at three different heart rate levels on cardiovascular fitness.
What was the result of your study?
My research supported what is recommended today. Thirty minutes of moderate exercise five days a week helps to improve overall health.
So how did that effect how you work out?
I have always belonged to a gym. When I worked in San Francisco, I was able to work out at lunch time and I found that to be beneficial for my mind and body. Now I work out at least 5 days a week. I do a run-walk program, swim and do strength and flexibility work at the gym and at home.
Are there other areas of fitness that you feel are important for our Oakmont population?
Balance and flexibility are major challenges as we age. That’s why we are so lucky to have John Phillips here as a trainer. He’s a true professional who can guide residents in the best way to stay strong while maintaining balance and flexibility.
How did you come to be on the Board?
I was talking to John about the Fitness Center, and I had some questions. He invited me to attend a meeting. I also have a background in Commercial Real Estate and Finance. When the position of Treasurer opened, I was asked to take that on.
What’s one of the biggest challenges for the Fitness Center?
I think it is balancing the needs of the Oakmont community against the financial resources of OVA. Oakmont is a unique retirement community – our dues stay low because of Santa Rosa’s contribution to the upkeep of our roads and infrastructure. We want to make sure that we provide an adequate experience for our residents while being mindful of the various levels of resources for all the residents. It’s a real balancing act. I think our Fitness Center provides a good workout experience for our members. It would be nice to have a little more space if it can be done without a huge price tag.
Email to become a member.


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