Meet the Fitness Club Board – President Joy Bellomo

Joy Bellomo has lived in Oakmont almost 10 years and has been on the Fitness Club Board for 5 years.

Why did you join the Fitness Club Board?
I think when you are involved in an organization it’s important to take a leadership role. Being a member of the Fitness Club was important to me because I like to stay in shape. I am an avid golfer and it’s important to stay flexible and strong to play the sport well.

What does the Board do?
Every year we review all the equipment in the Fitness Center. We meet to discuss what new equipment might be needed and, once we are in agreement, we make a proposal to OVA. In the past, we relied on our member’s dues to purchase new equipment. Then we realized that there was a line item in the OVA budget for new equipment so now we advise OVA on what should be purchased. Last year OVA ordered $8,000 worth of new equipment and machines. Due to supply chain problems, we haven’t received everything yet. But we are hopeful that the rest of the equipment will be here soon.

What machines wear out most often?
Definitely the cardio machines. There’s electronics and computers involved in all the cardio machines. They get a real workout. But we now have a strategy to keep them up and running.

What’s the strategy?
In the past, we worked with an independent contractor who serviced and maintained our equipment. We realized that it was taking longer and longer for him to get machines fixed and it was frustrating for everyone. So, we researched companies that maintain fitness equipment and we found a local company that had a great reputation. We recommended to OVA that they hire this company to inspect our equipment on a monthly basis. In no time at all, we could see the results. They were quick to spot machines that needed repairs and were even able to do maintenance that reduced the need for repairs. As a result, we have had far fewer machines “Out of Order”. In addition, when we decided we needed to replace some of our machines, this company was able to search for the best equipment at the best price. It saved the Board lots of time. This company is professional and dependable. We are delighted with their performance.

What if they discover a machine is beyond repair?
That’s the beauty of having their expertise. They research vendors and find the best price for us. In the past, the volunteer Board had to do that work. It has made a world of difference to have experts guiding us. In fact, they just contracted with a vendor to replace all the pads on all the machines. We use alcohol-based wipes on the machines, and it is tough on the pads.

So, why should folks join the Fitness Club?
If you are someone who uses the Fitness Center, you probably realize we could use more space. Any talk of expansion will need the support of all the Fitness Club members. In other words, join the Club and help us take the Fitness Center to the next level.


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