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Mens’ Niners (1/1/2019)

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  • Stan Augustine

The entire group of OGC Mens’ Niners wish everyone a Happy & Healthy New Year!

December 3rd Niners’ game was what’s known as a 2-Man Chapman event where each layer drives their own ball but each must hit from the spot of his partner. Alternating until ball is holed out. The team of John Derby and Bob Wilkinson finished first with a net score of 30.5. Two teams David Beach/Otis Brinkley and Tom Massip/John Munkacsy tied for second at 31. Third place was nailed down by the two teams of Phil Sapp/Stan Augustine and Bill Wellman/Rodi Martinelli at 32.

The damp and cool weather took its toll on the December 10th game. Only eight players turned out for the 2-Man Best Ball format. Coincidentally, best net score of 31 was shared by three teams: Bob Wilkinson/John Derby, Otis Brinkley/David Beach, and Rodi Martinelli/Bill Wellman.

For the months of January-March, Mens’ Niners will be registering at the West Pro Shop and starting play on East course hole number 4. 2019 game schedule has been emailed to all members (who have email addresses) and there are printed copies in the West Pro Shop members’ room.

Any OGC member can join the Monday Mens’ Niners, the 2019 registration is now open and it only costs $20 for the year. If interested, email me at:


Oakmont golf facility


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OGC Mens’ Niners 12-15-2019

Fifteen Mens’ Niners players turned out on November 18th 2-Man Team, Yellow Ball game. First place was a tie at 73 between the teams of