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Mens’ Niners Golf (1/15/2019)

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  • Stan Augustine

Monday Mens’ Niners held their third and final eclectic tournament. The five-week event involved 20 players. Don Schulte was the winner netting a score of 23, followed closely at 24 by Stan Augustine, David Beach, and Art Boot. Thired best scores of 25 were shot by Ron Bickert, Rodi Martinelli, Jim Norem, and Rich Silvas.

The December 17th game was scratched due to cold/wet conditions and December 24 was a no sweeps day.

Niners ended the 2018 year with 14 players competing in Individual Low Net. Don Schulte won with a score of 33, followed closely by Stqn Augustine and Neil Huber at 33.5. Wayne Mickaelian finished with third best score of 34.5 and Jack Robinson shot a net 35 followed by Lee Huff’s 36. It was a bright and clear morning to end the year.

January 21st is the annual Niners Section luncheon. At the Quail Inn. A summary of the year’s events will be presented followed by election of new officers and a raffle with prizes galore!

Monday Mens’ Niners, the 2019 registration is now open and it only costs $20 for the year. If interested, email me at:


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OGC Mens’ Niners 12-15-2019

Fifteen Mens’ Niners players turned out on November 18th 2-Man Team, Yellow Ball game. First place was a tie at 73 between the teams of