OGC Mens’ Niners 10/1/2018

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Twenty-one players participate in the September 3rd Individual Low Net game at East Course.  David Beach’s score of 27.5 was winner, followed by Stan Augustine and John Derby each tallying net scores of 28.5.  Wayne Johnson and Don Schulte had third best low scores at 29, followed closely by Joe Lash and Keith Wise at 29.5.  Stan Augustine’s 14’ was closest to pin (#8) closely followed by Tom Massip at 20’10”.

The annual 2-Man Club Mixer was held on September 10th with the duo of Art Boot and Keith Wise besting the field with team net score of 23.  Neil Huber and Stan Augustine team placed second at 25, followed by Al Bentham and John Munkacsy at 27.  Fourth place team was David Beach and Tom Massip at 28.  Tom Massip was also Closest to Pin (#8) at 25’4”.

Niners’ Club Championship play spans over two successive Mondays, Sept. 17 & 24.  Winner of the combined two-day net score will be inscribed on the Gordon Hopper perpetual plaque displayed at the East Pro Shop.

Stan Augustine