Monday Mens’ Niners Golf

Monday Mens’ Niners have started their Spring Eclectic play and on April 5, the Individual Low Net winner was Neil Huber with a blistering score of 28. Mike Earles was second at 32, followed closely by Dan Levin’s 28. Four tied for fourth lowest net at 34, Ron Bassolino, Ernie Pricco, Bob Hancock, and Gary Stone.

On April 12, the group played a fun game called 3-Club Monte, where only three clubs plus a putter can be taken out on the course. Peter Haggerty’s low net of 30 won the event, followed by Ron Bickert, Neil Huber, and Charlie Perotti at 32. Tom McHugh finished at 33 for the third lowest score. April 19 was the third (of five) round of the Spring Eclectic and 19 members participated with John Muncasy’s net 29 heading the list of winners. Jim Allen and Tony D’Agosta finished second at 30, Neil Huber (again?) had third lowest score of 32.

The annual Mixer, a 2-Man Best Ball even attracted twenty-two players and took place on April 26, with with the team of Ron Bassolino & Charlie Perotti finishing up with a score of 27. Second place team Dan Levin & Tom McHugh finished with a close 28, and a tie for third by the teams of Tom Massip & John Magers and Roger Goeller & Neil Huber with scores of 29.

Join the fun. Email to become a Monday Morning Niner. Great way to start the week!


Oakmont’s Own More Joy

Back again by popular demand, Oakmont’s beloved hometown group with songs from our past that will make you laugh and cry in the same concert. More Joy is a deep and delightful quartet of artists that weave amazing harmonies throughout a broad selection of folk, country, blues and beyond.

Comedy Show at OAK

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Ghostly Night

Boomers Ghostly Night with the Neon Playboys – October 29 at Berger Center at 5:00 with music at 6:30