During this Saint Patrick’s Day month, Oakmont Health Initiative recognizes the luck of having JoRene lead classes, even if it means on Zoom from her garage. It is her dedication and guidance that encourage class members to reach a little higher, balance a little longer. It is because of JoRene that the “free” fitness classes are such a success.

And yet…

Fitness is not “free,” even if classes are. Exercise gurus tell us, “to stay in shape is to stay dedicated. It’s necessary to put in the time and effort. Oakmont Health Initiative is dedicated to that time and effort. OHI is focused on maintaining healthy bodies, minds, and friendships. 

Classes are free to participants, but additional funds to supplement basic expenses are always welcomed. Tax-deductible donations are being accepted through Oakmont Community Foundation (oakmontcommunityfoundation.com) with OHI noted as beneficiary.

Two class participants describe why they will respond to this appeal.

Before moving to Oakmont, OHI class participant Kathy was a 30 year member at Parkpoint. She says that once she found JoRene and Oakmont Aerobics she knew her exercise regime would no longer mean drives across town. She saves on gas money and on time. Plus she loves the before and after class socializing.

OHI regular Gary Bunas compares costs of three exercise venues: 35 years in JC fitness classes, two decade membership in a local gym, and fitness classes at Oakmont. He says “It’s a no brainer.” He and Charlene see their contribution to OHI as a preference to tuition and gym memberships.


Spring Bulb Fundraiser

Spread the word! Soroptimist International Oakmont Wine Country will be selling
Dutch Mill Bulbs for Mother’s Day for this year’s Spring Fundraiser.

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Selected Donations Welcome

The Library is Open!Monday-Friday 10-3 The library welcomes you back. Only 5 in the library at a time, maintain social distancing, masks required. You are

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