Music Lovers – Summer Documentary Series

For our July session, Ernie Rose will be introducing award winning American filmmaker (and violin player) Stefan Avalos who will be present in person to discuss his latest documentary.  For eight months, he embedded himself in the life of Danny Houck, an eccentric, 50-year-old, near-penniless hermit-like figure in rural Ohio with a hobbyist’s obsession for Stradivari-like violins.  Through the magic of social-media, Danny has convinced a famous European concert violinist that he can make an exact copy of Guarneri’s “Il Cannoni” (“the cannon”) one of the most famous and valuable violins in the world.  The soloist has set a definite date on his schedule to use Danny’s instrument in an important upcoming recital in Holland. 

Fighting against time, the weather, and most of all himself (and his occasional bouts of manic-depression), Danny puts it all on the line for his one shot at glory. We see every phase of how he goes about each painstaking step in choosing the wood, creating the mold on which the instrument will be shaped, using a plane and wood chisel to make its back and front surfaces just the right thickness, gluing the parts together, and applying the many coats of lacquer to match the full scale color photo from which he is working.  But can he overcome all the frustrating impediments confronting him, and what will his violin actually sound like when it’s completed?  That is the fascinating story of “STRAD STYLE” (2018, 104 min.), Avalos’s latest real life portrait of a fellow musician that is already winning plaudits at film festivals all over the world.   Hope you can join us for this fascinating documentary and also MEET THE FILMMAKER!   

WHEN:   Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019 at 10:00 AM –  


COST:     Free



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