Neighborhood Gatherings

Last Updated: 07-13-18

To help ensure your voices are heard, and with the help of the OVA staff, we’re introducing a new concept called Neighborhood Gatherings. These are weekly get-togethers, in private homes within Oakmont’s established neighborhoods, where neighborhood residents can gather to get to know each other and Oakmont Directors and to discuss important issues facing Oakmont in an open, honest, non-confrontational manner.

So Directors can focus entirely on listening, an OVA staff member will also attend to take notes, record action items and help ensure appropriate follow-up.

Refreshments will be provided by OVA, so hosting homeowners will have no responsibility other than making their homes available.

Gatherings will be held Tuesdays from 3 – 5 PM, except on days where there’s a board meeting, when meetings will run from 4 – 6 PM.

I’ll attend each gathering and other Directors who wish to are also welcome to attend as long as no more than three of us are present at any single gathering.

If your neighborhood wishes to host a gathering, please contact the OVA office by sending an email to You can also stop by the OVA office to indicate interests. Please tell us your name and phone number, the name of your neighborhood, the owner name, address and phone of the home that will host the gathering and workable dates. The OVA office will respond and schedule the gathering.