New Committee to set Emergency Evacuation Policy

            The Oakmont Village Association is setting up a committee to research options for safer, faster evacuations in the wake of wildfires, earthquakes or other disasters.\

            Adopted as an emergency agenda item at its June 21 meeting, the resolution pointed to the two-hour-long evacuations in the recent past and the fact that proposed developments near Oakmont are “almost certain to add to the emergency evacuation challenge.”

            The members of the Emergency Evacuation Policy and Coordination Ad Hoc Committee will be appointed by Jess Marzak, board president, and approved by the board.

            The committee will research options for safer, faster evacuations and provide the board with detailed, written recommendations for actions or initiatives with the purview of OVA  to speed emergency evacuations and improve the process.

            The ad-hoc committee will coordinate with the Oakmont Community Development Committee and the Oakmont Emergency Preparedness Committee and with the Citizens Organized to Prepare for Emergencies and Map Your Neighborhood organizations.             Working with the OCDC, the committee will reach out to city and county officials on emergency evacuation issues. It will also work with community organizations and homeowner associations near Oakmont which face similar challenges and seek their support on evacuation issues.